We are RTB Refuse To Blank

'Refuse to Blank' is what we tell ourselves when the fish aren't biting. At the hardest of times, when nature is telling us to go home, our stubborness keeps pushing us to say "One last cast! I can feel this is the one!"

'Refuse to Blank', means to keep fishing until you succeed in landing your target. It nudges you to keep on fishing, to hang in a bit longer, not quitting, because most of all, fishing means determination, sacrifice and passion.

We, the people behind 'Refuse to Blank', are anglers. We've spent many years on the water banks. When we aren't fishing, we earn our living by selling premium fishing tackle, from the most renowned brands worldwide. We've been doing this for almost two decades, progressing in a growing industry. When we aren't selling the tackle, we're searching to aquire it. If we can't find a source, we produce it ourselves - this is the starting point of this brand: we kept having thoughts about products which could be changed, adapted and upgraded.

Our products combine these elements: functionality, utility, quality and competitive prices. You won't be shocked in any way when holding something branded 'Refuse to Blank' but you will certainly feel assured that giving it a chance will not dissapoint you.